About ALBEC On-Site – Specialists in Flooring & Window Coverings

The Black FamilySince 1978, I have been in the business of floor and window coverings. I have worked in everything from small, one location family stores to family owned stores with 28 locations to mega stores with over 1500 locations. Today, I own my own store, being independent and living a lifestyle that includes spending time working on the business with my wife, Becky. I have two grown children who have also been instrumental in the success of ALBEC. We are truly a family owned and operated business.

I graduated from college with a degree in business and marketing. However, my most valuable experience came through my various work environments. I have worked in everything from small one location family flooring stores to family owned stores with 28 locations. I have worked for mega companies having well over 1500 locations. But, I have never experienced anything better than working for myself.

I’ve been one of the highest grossed sales people in the Eastern United States and was one of the quickest to be promoted to store manager. One thing I noticed as a store manager is that there were too many voids between positions within the ranks which left areas of expertise not covered, compromising efficiency and lowering customer service. I was asked to write a job description as to what I felt would close that gap, a very difficult exercise because it is very hard to justify this kind of cost if it cannot be graded or tied into sales increases.

However, I was given the opportunity to live that role and it was a success. My job included traveling to two stores a day. I combined the jobs of sales manager, district manager and sales trainer into one position. I would hire, train personnel to sell, handle customer service, evaluate the physical store locations and work on employee moral. I was the point man between management and employees, sometimes having to release employees.

That’s where my real skills – people skills learned from growing up in a small town in western Pennsylvania – are valuable. Without them, a business owner has a difficult time relating to and caring about their customers. This is where ALBEC On-Site excels over the competition.

When you want to choose the perfect flooring or window covering for your home, give us a call at (774) 217-2973 and we will help you select the right products for your needs.