Grout and Stone Sealing

A Lifetime Investment in Your Home

Nothing matches the strength and durability of a ceramic floor, while providing you with such a large selection of shapes, colors and textures. Tile is the longest lasting easiest to care for wall and floor covering on the market today. Its exquisite patterns and striking colors will enhance your homes’ beauty for years of virtually care free maintenance. Ceramic tiles have adorned homes across both the ages and the continents. Their easy cleanup keeps your home looking sharp and stylish.

What Else Should I Know?

Unlike other floor coverings, your ceramic tile floor is low maintenance and will not hold allergens. Your new ceramic tile easily cleans up and will last you a lifetime with minimal maintenance required. There is more to a ceramic tile job than the tile. Each tile is surrounded by a special grout mixture that must be periodically treated to maintain its’ color.

  • Grout fills the gaps between tiles protecting the sub floor against the ravages of water.
  • Grout is available in a variety of colors and is used to color coordinate your room.
  • Grout adds strength to the entire floor.

Grout Requires Maintenance to Keep Your Floor Worry Free

Unless grout is properly cared for, it will slowly “ugly” out. Soil and stains will eventually dull and discolor the grout in the main traffic patterns. Then, as time marches on, everything dropped on the grout will further diminish the once gorgeous tile job. Even water containing high amounts of minerals can discolor grout.

What are my Options?

In the past, there-were only two options for maintaining grout.

  • First was to do nothing. As mentioned earlier, this option leads to an expensive repair either by acid washing and sealing the grout; or in worst cases, a complete re-grout job.
  • Second was to seal your grout with a cheap silicone grout sealer. The problem with these sealers is they actually, over time, will discolor the grout they are meant to protect in the first place. In addition, every couple of years, these sealers must be stripped and re-applied (so much for the easiest to maintain part).

Is There a Better Solution?

It’s simple. We use a commercial sealer/impregnator designed especially for use on unglazed tile, marble, and grout. Our sealer is so strong that it is even being used outdoors! The sealer actually forms a barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains. It is fast drying and can be walked on within one hour from the time our trained technicians apply the sealer to your grout. Each application can last up to 10 years, however unlike the silicone sealers, it will not need to be stripped. We thoroughly clean the grout and apply another coat of our sealer giving you an additional 10 years of service.

When Should I Seal My Grout?

Our service works best on grout less than 7 days old but we can restore old grout with a special cleaning solution. This allows us to use our commercial sealer to protect your investment.

Fees You Can Afford!

Please contact us for a free, no obligation in home quote. Our technicians are insured and we carry workman compensation insurance. We have over 25 years experience
in the ceramic tile business.